Using the finest
to make the finest.
Komasa Gin is the craft gin label proudly presented by Komasa Jyozo, a shochu distillery in Kagoshima, Japan with over 130 years of distilling history.
Gin and shochu both share the fact that they are distilled spirits. Drawing on decades of distilling expertise and know-how accumulated through making shochu, we unveiled our new line of gins in 2018.
Gin is a distilled spirit that has been flavored with juniper berries and other botanicals, like spices and citrus peel. We use our rice shochu as the base for Komasa Gin, to which we add juniper berries and as few other ingredients as possible in order to let the main botanicals shine on their own.
Our goal is to utilize and express the natural fragrances and flavors of our quality ingredients to the fullest. With Komasa Gin, we’ve hit upon a revolutionary style of gin that is eminently easy to drink and perfect for everyone.


Komasa Jyozo is located in Kagoshima Prefecture,
a mountainous seaside region with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables unique to the area. When we first decided to make our own craft gin, using these familiar local ingredients as our main botanicals was paramount in what we wanted to accomplish, which is what led us to create our Komasa Sakurajima Komikan Gin and Komasa Hojicha Gin.


The expertise and know-how in the art of liquor distillation that we at Komasa Jyozo have accumulated in our 100+ years of being in the business is our greatest asset. The distilling wisdom that our forebears discovered has been passed along to new generations of artisans and lives on in our Komasa Gin.


It is widely known that adding a small amount of salt to a dish can boost the flavors of the other ingredients, and we try to do something similar with Komasa Gin. Our skilled artisans closely study the main botanicals to find out what other ingredient should be added in what quantity to ideally accentuate the main botanical, and take great care in blending Komasa Gin in order to achieve this.


Komasa Jyozo was founded in 1883. Everything started with the production of spirits for use at local shrines, which then developed into the production of alcohol for local consumption.
Our ever-popular Kozuru brand of shochu is what we’re known for, and it was also our first foray into storing and aging shochu. Our aged Mellowed Kozuru has received award after award in both domestic and worldwide competitions and was instrumental in pushing shochu into a new era.
Our Komasa Gin line of craft gins is the next step in Komasa Jyozo’s history of continued innovation and excellence.